• Android 4.2 platform
• Allwinner A23 Dual core
• 7.85" 1024x768 (4:3), IPS Panel
• Full High Definition 1080p Playback
• Thin 7.82mm, Light Metal Housing 330g
• Two-way camera
• Micro-USB with OTG (On-The-Go) Support
• Micro-SD Support



Ultra slim, ultra light

Extremely thin, extremely light, extremely powerful










7.85" multi-touch control screen. With IPS (In-Plane Switching)


IPS board offers high quality full-wide angle viewing(narrow edge design)

Micro-USB with OTG (On-The-Go) Support



It boasts greatly enhanced expandability, so you can connect to peripherals and devices, like your flash storage, mouse, keyboard, external hard drive.





Full HD video play

The full HD 1080P video resolution supports a variety of formats and smooth video streaming.



Two-way camera

The two-way camera allows you to record every last savory detail in your life.





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